Thank you for your interest in Power Pigeon(tm). Power Pigeon version 4.1 is software created from suggestions and ideas of pigeon fanciers from around the world. The result is the best software for tracking racing results, show placings and managing your pedigrees, for effective breeding results, at an affordable price. If you don't need to track racing information or show data you can turn the features off individually so that Power Pigeon is customized to your needs.

Power Pigeon is currently available for $59.99US.


Power Pigeon Software


  • Many different Pedigree formats
  • Progeny
  • Profile
  • Journal
  • Offspring
  • Medical
  • Birds by Breeder
  • Birds by Color
  • Birds on Loan
  • Birds Sold
  • Birds By Status
Feature List
  • E-mail pedigrees
  • Track Races
  • Velocity Calculator
  • Integrated Backup and Restore functions
  • Detailed Pedigree
  • Select band no. or bird name for pedigree
  • More Rating Categories
  • Roller Specific Fields
  • Enhanced Breeding and Pair management
  • Comments for Pairs added
  • Detail search feature
  • User definable gender labels
  • Static Pedigree Generation
  • Support for international date formats
  • Photo handling
  • Supports multiple breeds
  • Strain information can user definable or programmatically generated
  • Data converter from 2.0 and 3.0 data to 4.0 for those who are upgrading.
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